Friday, May 22, 2009


Welcome to our new blog to update you on news concerning the historical fiction Darkness to Light Series.

We will post reviews of the books in the series: In The Shadow of the Sun King and A Prisoner of Versailles, and then eventually Books #3 & #4. We'll also post dates of book signings and events, like radio and television interviews.

Occasionally I will post an interesting historical fact that I've learned in the process of researching the books.

For instance, in researching Colonial America for Book #3 when the Clavells come to the New World in 1686, I learned that the black slaves actually started out as indentured servants. That interested me, because the two Clavell sons have to be sold as indentured servants in order for Madeleine to pay for their passage. As time went on, because the black labor was so cheap, and then because of their non-Christian beliefs and dark skin, it evolved into full slavery. Sometimes our history is not so noble and glorious, it seems.

Check back regularly and let us know what you think about the series. Or ask a question about the era. If I don't know, I'll try to find out. I belong to a wonderful historical writers loop, and they know everything!

Happy reading!

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